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The ultimate list of fun cocktails to make for friends

When you want to be the host of the season, it helps to know how to make a good drink. It doesn’t have to be complicated – some of the tastiest cocktails are some of the simplest – but having a few recipes under your belt is the ultimate way to impress your guests. Whether you’re making them solo or getting your friends involved.

So next time you’re hosting a brunch party, dinner and drinks or a casual get together with friends, this curated list of fun cocktail recipes is guaranteed to make the event even better.

Get your shaker ready, pop the ice moulds in the freezer and fill the bar. It’s time to mix, shake and stir your way to unforgettable moments with friends.

Whisky Sour

Kicking off with a classic. You can’t go wrong with a Whisky Sour. This easy-going cocktail dates back centuries and is a real party pleaser. With only three ingredients, it couldn’t be easier. Yet the foamy top gives it an impressive edge. Sweet, simple and sour, it’s a favourite for whisky lovers and those new to the spirit.

Cherry Manhattan

Manhattan’s are a timeless drink that add a sophisticated edge to any event. But if you want to go original, then you’ve got to make the Maraschino Cherry Manhattan. It’s extra sweet and extra bold, with plenty of rich cherry flavour.

Mi Amor Margarita

Give your Margarita hour a surprising twist with our smooth, fruity Whisky Margarita recipe. This cocktail is designed for batching, perfecting when you’re entertaining throughout the summer. Serve alongside a DIY garnish board of jalapenos, watermelon and lime wheels so your friends can add their own individual spin.

Morning Glory Fizz

Move over Mimosas, the Morning Glory Fizz is the ultimate brunch cocktail. It’s fresh, fruity and fun to make. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned cocktail makers. The frothy top complements the silky peach mix, creating a long, fun drink with a boozy hit.

Whisky Mule

Summer drinks should be easy. And it doesn’t get easier than the Whisky Mule. Smooth Scottish single malt pairs with fiery ginger beer and sour lime to create a cocktail that’s both warming and refreshing. Make a batch or get friends to help themselves to ingredients.

Paper Plane

Introduce your friends to this modern classic. The Paper Plane is a bar menu staple, yet has only been around since 2008. It’s a bittersweet mix of whisky and Aperol, perfect for those who love their Aperol Spritzes in summer.

Whisky Punch

If you’re hosting this autumn, then make sure to whip up a batch of Whisky Punch. It’s citrusy, sweet and a little bit spicy thanks to ginger ale and a cinnamon stick garnish. Add fresh orange wedges or have a go at creating ice rings for punch that really look impressive.

Orange Marmalade Sour

When life gives you marmalade you make a marmalade cocktail. This fun to make drink is perfectly bitter and sweet, a surprising mix of cupboard staples that’ll get your guests talking. We love it for brunch paired with classic plates of French toast and pancakes.


The only thing that makes summer afternoons even better is a seriously good cocktail. And we’ve got just the one. It’s a simple mix of whisky with coconut water and a squeeze of fresh lime. Easy enough to make solo or in a shared jug, pitcher or punch bowl with tons of ice.

Whisky Sangria Punch

Our Whisky Sangria Punch is the perfect holiday season punch. But it also works all year round. Red wine, lemon juice and cinnamon black tea syrup combine with The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve to create a rich, vibrant drink.

The Glenlivet Royale

Celebrating with friends doesn’t need a reason. So whether it’s casual or marking a moment, this whisky Champagne cocktail is fit for the bill. It’s our twist on a French 75, mixing single malt with sparkling wine for extra elegance.

Japanese Summer

Discover a new drink with friends by mixing up a batch of Japanese Summer. The Sencha tea, lime and whisky base is topped with soda water to keep things light and bubbly.

Punch Fresco

Serve this watermelon whisky cocktail on a sweltering afternoon when you’re chilling alfresco. Whether you’re poolside or not, this summer drink is going to give you all those tropical holiday vibes.

Raspberry Cranachan

Whether you’re celebrating Burns Night or in the mood for a fruity, desert inspired drink, our Cranachan cocktail is a perfect choice. Raspberries and lemon add a fruity kick to single malt scotch, with a dash of balsamic vinegar to balance out the sweetness.

Bonfire Hot Toddy

Gather round the firepit with a mug of Ginger Hot Toddy. It’s an ultra warming spin on the classic toddy recipe, with a bit of spice from added ginger syrup and clove. Pop a pot on the stove and let guests help themselves.

Whisky Julep

It doesn’t get fresher than a Whisky Julep. Our twist on the classic drink has all the minty goodness you’d expect. Plus sweet red apple juice and herbal cardamom syrup for a bit of warming spice. It’s a great cocktail to serve whilst the BBQ is sizzling.

Tartan Tiki

Reminisce over your latest group holiday with this scotch tiki cocktail. It’s our twist on a classic Mai Tai, made with The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve for extra fruity exotic flavour.


Named after its celebratory nature, this rompope cocktail is made for drinking with friends. It’s a tropical take on classic eggnog with a kick of cold brew. Creamy, caffeinated and unlike any other. 

We’ve got plenty more recipes to make with friends using The Glenlivet. From dinner party cocktails to batch cocktails, there’s something for every occasion. Discover more including our guide on outdoor garden dinner parties and how to host a cocktail party at home.