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7 Best Whisky Drinks for Non Whisky Drinkers

You don’t have to drink whisky on the rocks to be a whisky drinker. We think whisky is delicious on its own (especially our smooth, single malt scotch). But it’s also a great spirit to mix with cocktails.

Good whisky is naturally sweet, creamy and slightly spiced. And its warming character works wonderfully with all sorts of flavours from honey and chocolate to citrus and berries. So no matter your favourite taste, there’s bound to be a whisky cocktail you’ll love.

So even if you class yourself as a non-whisky drinker, we’re willing to bet you become one after trying these delicious whisky drinks.

What should I mix with whisky as a beginner?

You don’t have to shake up a cocktail to enjoy whisky as a beginner. Simply adding in your favourite mixer is a great way to drink whisky without the burn and still enjoy the spirit’s flavour. Whilst many love this tingling sensation, you might prefer a lighter serve that goes down smooth.

If you’re not keen on the taste of whisky, try mixing in stronger and sweeter ingredients that will mask the whisky’s most prominent flavours. Coffee, ginger, honey and fruit juice are great examples.

Some of the most popular whisky mixers include:

Ginger ale

Ginger and whisky are a great match. The fiery nature of ginger pairs perfectly with whisky’s hint of spice. Whilst the sweetness of the bubbly soda gives the drink a light texture.

Soda water

Soda water is a popular way to dilute whisky whilst still enjoying the spirit’s unique flavour. Mix up a scotch and soda with a citrus peel garnish for a super summery serve.


Whisky and coca-cola have long been a popular pairing. The sweet, herbal, citrus flavour of cola matches many of whisky’s flavours. Creating a warming yet light mixer to drink with ice.

Lemon soda

Lemon is often used in classic whisky cocktails, such as the Whisky Sour which combines whisky, lemon juice and sugar. The addition of citrus gives whisky a light sharpness, whilst the bubbles in lemon soda make for a refreshing drink.

Fruit juice

Whisky pairs perfectly with all sorts of fruity mixers. Try a sour serve like a Grapefruit Paloma or keep things sweet with our whisky and coconut water cocktail. Orange juice is also one of the most popular mixers to have with whisky due to its lower acidity content and higher level of sweetness.


Whisky and tea might be one of the more surprising pairings. But they’ve actually been put together for centuries. From fruity teas like in our Mango Tea Smash to more aromatic herbal blends, the tea leaves and whisky share each other’s fruity, smoky notes. Try a classic Hot Toddy with black tea or mix things up with our whisky and oolong tea cocktail.

What is the best whisky for people who don’t like whisky?

There’s many different types of whisky from around the world including different blends and expressions. So knowing which one you’ll love isn’t always easy. The best way is to experiment with different grains and blends like single malts which have a natural balanced flavour profile.

Learn more about the best whisky for beginners and check out our whisky guide to understand more about the spirit.

The best whisky drinks for non-whisky drinkers

Whether you’re new to the world of whisky or haven’t yet found a whisky drink you like, these cocktails are bound to change your mind.

Scotch Mule

A classic mule cocktail pairs ginger beer, lime and sugar syrup with vodka or rum. But we reckon a Scotch Mule is even better. The fruity spiced notes of the whisky marry with the ginger and lime mix, creating a sweet, citrus cocktail that is both refreshing and easy to make.

Punch Fresco

Whisky isn’t just for spicy, warming serves. In fact we love a summer whisky cocktail to sip on balmy afternoons with plenty of ice and plenty of flavour. Punch Fresco is a watermelon whisky cocktail that combines watermelon and sugar cane with the sweet, creamy notes of scotch. We use The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve for an extra hint of tropical fruit that’ll take you straight back to days by the pool.

Grain and Cane

If you like fruity cocktails then you’ll love Grain and Cane. Inspired by Scotland’s classic cranachan dessert, this raspberry whisky cocktail combines fresh berries with lemon and simple syrup to create a light, summery drink. The addition of white balsamic vinegar balances out the acidic flavours. It’s a unique serve that you might just love.

Whisky Smash

A Whisky Smash is a great introductory cocktail for those who don’t typically drink whisky. It’s simple, smooth and super refreshing, loved by seasoned scotch drinkers and whisky novices. Start with the classic combination of whisky, lemon, sugar and mint leaves or try one of our Whisky Smash variations such as an extra Minty Smash or tropical flavoured Pineapple Smash cocktail.

Elderflower Collins

If you like light, floral cocktails like a Hugo or Elderflower G&T, then this whisky drink should be next on your list. Our scotch Elderflower Collins is a lovely sipper for spring and summer afternoons, made with elderflower cordial, lemon and soda. The addition of single malt adds a hint of smooth, sweetness to create a light and fizzy whisky cocktail.

Spiced Spey Coffee

Coffee cocktails are super popular – take the Espresso Martini for example. And if you’re a fan of caffeinated drinks, we just know you’re going to love Spiced Spey Coffee. This whisky coffee cocktail is our take on an Irish recipe, using The Glenlivet 12 Year Old single malt scotch for extra smooth, creaminess. A dash of dark chocolate and top layer of cream only make it better

The Glenlivet Royale

Whisky cocktails make great celebratory drinks, so don’t be shy in serving up a round next time you host. We recommend our very own creation, The Glenlivet Royale, otherwise known as a Whisky French 75. Our scotch twist on a classic combines the smooth, balanced nature of single malt with the crispness of French sparkling wine. It’s simple to make yet seriously impressive.

There’s plenty more recipes to try over in our collection of whisky cocktails from the best highballs to super sweet chocolate whisky drinks. See what takes your fancy and get whisky drinking with The Glenlivet.