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Whisky doesn’t have to be complicated. But knowing how to drink, taste and serve your drink will definitely enhance your whisky experience.

Our whisky guide is the perfect place to start. Whether you’re a beginner or aficionado, you’re sure to learn something about the world of whisky.

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From malting to mashing to milling and more, get a glimpse into the different stages of how whisky is made.

Go behind the scenes at The Glenlivet Distillery to see our time-honoured process.



From Scotland to Japan, there are many different types of whisky from various destinations.

Discover the difference between rye and scotch, bourbon and single malt in our guide to whisky around the world.

white oak reserve single malt scotch whisky oak casks



The cask used to age whisky has a lasting impression on the final bottled spirit. 

Here we introduce you to the different types of casks used to make whisky at The Glenlivet. And what happens to the scotch we pour in them.

Now you know all about the different types of whisky and how it’s made, it’s time to experience the spirit for yourself.



On the rocks? In a tumbler? From the glassware to the serve, this guide share’s how to drink whisky.

Learn how to craft your signature drink by experimenting with different flavours and ingredients. Plus discover how to store and care for your collection.



Demystify the whisky tasting process and learn to appreciate the nuances of different single malts.

This guide will help you experience the look, nose, palette and finish of a whisky. Savour every aspect of what this spirit has to offer.



Step into the world of whisky with our introductory guide.

With guidance on the different blends, grains and mixes of whisky, we share how to pick the right one for you.

Whether drinking with friends or sipping solo, discover how to make whisky your new drink. Break out of your entertainment routine and mix up cocktail hour. It’s time to set new standards.



Get inspired, it’s cocktail hour. From classic serves to modern mixes, there’s a cocktail for everyone in our selection of whisky drink recipes.



Now you’ve got a solid appreciation for whisky, it’s time to introduce your friends.

All you need is a few different bottles and some taste buds. Here’s how to get started.



Chocolate, cheese and cured meats are just three things that go wonderfully with whisky. 

Discover what to serve at your next whisky pairing dinner.