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Whisky is a super versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in countless ways. Drink it neat, with a mixer or in a cocktail. But it doesn’t stop there. Whisky has a well earned place in the kitchen, adding a kick to both sweet and savoury plates.

The best whisky for cooking isn’t necessarily the most expensive (save that for a scotch on the rocks) but should still ooze quality and depth to compliment your cooking.

Use our signature Founder’s Reserve smooth scotch whisky for notes of zest orange, toffee apples and pear. Or try our 12 year old scotch with a well-balanced fruity flavour profile. Take a look at our full scotch collection to find your perfect bottle.


What can you cook with whisky?

Whisky has a smooth, creamy finish that lends itself to most dishes from salty meat and rich sauces to sweet desserts and pudding. And you only need a dash to get that whisky kick. 

Top 11 ways to cook with whisky

Here’s just some of our favourite whisky recipes to add to your collection.

Steak and whisky

Whisky and steak were bound to meet eventually. The smoky notes of scotch pair perfectly with the grilled meat, creating an ultra rich, ultra memorable meal. What’s more, adding a splash before the fillet is cooked can make it extra juicy and tender. A no brainer no matter how you like it. Try as a marinade or whip up a creamy whisky sauce to pour over your sirloin. 

Whisky cocktails and steak also work well together so why not try crafting a delicious drink to serve up with dinner?


This one’s for the traditionalists. Oatmeal, cream and berries make up this classic Scottish dessert, mixed together with a hearty glug of scotch whisky. Serve as part of a Burns Night menu after a feast of haggis, neeps and tatties. 


Whisky pumpkin pie

This wee take on a American classic is the ultimate way to pair whisky with like minded flavours. Sweet, caramel notes add a deep, lasting warmth to the spiced pumpkin filling, brought together with a crisp, crumbly crust. Volunteer to bring the pie to this year’s Thanksgiving dinner – guaranteed to go down a storm.

Whisky cream sauce

Whisky is a versatile cooking ingredient which makes it great for both sweet and savoury sauces. Lashings of savoury whisky sauce that includes scotch, double cream, garlic, shallots, and stock is delicious with haggis, mashed potatoes, or steak pie. Sweet whisky sauce, on the other hand, is perfect for drizzling over a variety of desserts including Christmas pudding, chocolate cake and apple crumble.

Whisky chicken marinade

Get your protein with a plate of whisky chicken, marinated in dark, rich, scotch sauce. Whether you fry it, grill it, roast it or slap it between a burger bun during a BBQ outdoor dinner party, this dish is one you’ll keep coming back to.

Whisky chocolate cake

This rich guilty pleasure sums up our favourite three things. Whisky + chocolate + cake. What could be better? Add your take on a classic recipe with a whisky ganache, whisky truffle decor or by adding half a cup to the mixture. The only question left is who gets dibs on the spoon?

Whisky ice cream

Next time you get your ice cream maker out the attic, add a pour of whisky for a warming, boozy twist. And the best part? You can go to town on toppings. Salted caramel sauce, fresh fruit slices, a honey drizzle… we could go on. There’s not much that doesn’t go with whisky. 

Bread pudding with whisky sauce

Mix up this staple dessert next time you’re using up a leftover loaf. Stir thick cream, milk and sugar over heat before whisking in egg yolks, butter and at least two tablespoons of sweet scotch. For that extra whisky hit, soak your raisins for at least half an hour before adding to your pudding mixture – or pour in a cheeky glug whilst no one’s looking.

Whisky scrambled eggs

Brunch just got taken up a level. Inspired by Hayden Carruth’s award winning poem, this dish is one you’ll want to relish. Lace your morning brekkie with a splash of single malt scotch whisky and top with crispy bacon for a salty kick.

Whisky pecan pie

Keep those kiddie’s paws off your pecan pie this autumn with this adults-only twist. Smokey sweet whisky adds a grown up note to this super sugary pie, best served chilled with a dollop of freshly whipped cream. For best results use our Captain’s Reserve that boasts a super smooth, succulent finish.

Peanut butter whisky fudge

If the name hasn’t got you drooling, the recipe sure will. Dark chocolate chips, sweet condensed milk and butter make the base of this creamy fudge, with swirls of thick peanut butter and a shot of warming whisky. Your mum, friends and valentine will love a box of this homemade treat (just make sure to whip up an extra one for you).

Wondering what to serve with your new repertoire of recipes? Add a whisky cocktail to your menu from whisky watermelon punch to the ultimate Old Fashioned.