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14 Easy Yet Impressive Dinner Party Cocktails

Food naturally takes centre stage at a dinner party. But what will your guests be drinking? Wine and beer are an obvious choice. But if you really want to leave guests impressed, a selection of dinner party cocktails are the ultimate serve. 

From a celebratory welcome glass to fruity aperitifs, to the best digestif cocktails, there’s a drink for every moment. Here we share our selection of the most crowd-pleasing dinner party cocktails, each simple to make yet undeniably delicious.

The Rose Royale

Fans of pink wine will delight as you serve this sparkling Rosé cocktail. You’ll need a little prep time to infuse The Glenlivet 12 Year Old whisky with sweet rose flavours. But once guests arrive it’s a simple mix; simply pour in honey, lemon and sparkling Rosé before adding ice. Feeling elaborate? Go fancy with a rose petal garnish. It’s a pink drink worthy of any dinner party.

Vieux Carre

Elegant dinner parties call for elegant dinner party cocktails. Meet the Vieux Carre, a drink with complex flavours that’s somehow super easy to make. Cognac, sweet vermouth and 15 year old scotch combine in a sweet smooth liquid, balanced by a mixture of bitters and Benedictine.

Sangria Punch

Ever had Sangria with whisky? If so then you’ll know this recipe is a good’un. If not, you’re in for a treat. Satisfy the wine lovers of the group with this twist on a classic summer cocktail. We’ve added our own scotch spin with The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve and a dash of cinnamon black tea syrup to balance out the flavours with a light spiced finish.

Elderflower Collins

This sweet and zesty drink is a safe bet for fussy drinks and bigger parties, yet still remains a crowd favourite. Mixing floral notes and fresh lemon with smooth, sweet scotch, the Elderflower Collins is a quick pour that delivers quick hosting points.

The Glenlivet Royale

Welcome guests to a night of good food, good company and good drinks with this sparkling cocktail. We’ve put a whisky twist on a classic French 75, combining smooth scotch with sweet champagne. The addition of lemon and honey adds a comforting freshness to this luxurious serve.

Scotch Coffee

Forget after dinner espresso martinis and wake up the night The Glenlivet way. Scotch Coffee is a Scottish take on a classic post-dinner coffee cocktail made with sweet scotch, fresh brew and a whipped double cream float. It’s worth the effort, trust us.

Valley of the Bees

Bring the outdoors in (or serve at an outdoor garden dinner party) with our nature-inspired drink, Valley of the Bees. Representing the bees that buzz through the rolling heather moorlands, this honey whisky cocktail takes guests to the Scottish Highlands with each utterly refreshing sip.

Paper Plane

Swap an Aperol Spritz for this dinner party drink staple. The Paper Plane cocktail is an aromatic mix of herbal liqueur, whisky and Aperol – it’s bittersweet and guaranteed to get those taste buds tingling before you serve up a feast.

Chocolate Old Fashioned

End the night on a sweet note with a chocolate Old Fashioned, a dessert-inspired twist on a classic cocktail. The rich and creamy addition of chocolate liqueur compliments the sweet spiced notes of whisky and bitters, garnished with an orange twist.

Best in Pour

Wow guests with a theatrical twist to your dinner party cocktail hour. This perfectly playful Lillet Blanc whisky cocktail marries sweet scotch with a honeyed aperitif, garnished with gold dusted popcorn. What better way to kick off the night?


For a rich whisky serve, try a Boulevardier, the full-bodied cousin of the Negroni. Scotch, Campari and sweet vermouth make an iconic trio, stirred with ice for a cool finish. Serve between courses for a sweet, spiced pick me up or finish your meal on a classic cocktail.

Apple Cinnamon Spritz

Perfect for autumn, spring or summer, this spiced spritz adds warmth to any get-together. The addition of whisky and sparkling wine adds an essence of luxury to this apple cinnamon cocktail – an excellent choice for a dinner party welcome drink.

Maraschino Cherry Manhattan

Our take on a classic Brooklyn cocktail results in a sweet and simple-to-make drink with a beautiful fruity subtleness. The Glenlivet 12 Year Old adds a hint of pineapple to the stronger flavour of maraschino cherries, balanced by dry vermouth and bitters.

Morning Glory Fizz

For freshness we recommend the Morning Glory Fizz. This summery recipe is best suited to those who love to show off their cocktail making skills – but can also be flexed to your own taste. It’s peachy, strong and wonderfully fruity, an exceptional dinner party drink.

Get more dinner party inspiration with The Glenlivet. Our collection of whisky cocktails has everything from fruity drinks to group serves. We’ve also got plenty of guides on hosting at home including how to host a family party and an introduction to cooking with whisky.