We’ve been breaking conventions and setting the standards of single malt since 1824 and today, together with Anna Paquin, we’re once again pouring out the rules as we embark on our latest mission to #BreakTheStereotype. For far too long, whisky has been personified by middle-aged white men in ‘old boys clubs’ surrounded by leather armchairs and cigar smoke. But the whisky community has grown, and we thought it was about time someone else was under the spotlight. Enter Paquin, who’s here to turn the old-whisky world upside down.

Embodying the modern-day whisky drinker, Anna Paquin is taking a stand for everyone who likes to challenge the unwritten rules of whisky and drink theirs however they like, regardless of who they are. Paquin not only personifies our core values but she – just like us – redefines her own category, whether that’s through her acting, speaking out about social injustices or taking a stance that ‘whisky doesn’t care what’s between your legs’.


The stereotype of the traditional whisky drinker is still so prevalent that you only need to look at the results for ‘whisky drinker’ on Google Images™ to see who is represented – a disproportionate number of white men over any other gender or ethnicity. Are they the modern whisky drinker? Not a chance! We know that the modern whisky drinker has evolved, with a third of whisky drinkers globally being women.

#BreakTheStereotype celebrates inclusivity within whisky and is the first in a series of bold ambitions we’re undertaking as part of our new platform, which aims to challenge a range of old upheld conventions in the world of whisky. We’ve now taken our first steps in breaking the whisky drinker stereotype by putting Anna in the spotlight in our bold new ad by infiltrating the search engine algorithms by flooding the internet with images of today’s whisky drinkers to change the visual landscape. Now, when searching ‘whisky drinker’ using Google Images™ search service, you are greeted with a colourful montage as unique and varied as whisky drinkers in 2022.

Join us on this journey and see Anna turn whisky drinking traditions on their head in the glamorous home of fashion director and photographer, Jamie Nelson, on location at her 1968 Hollywood Regency style house. Kick back and get ready to #BreakThe Stereotype with Anna Paquin.