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18+ romantic cocktails to sip and share this valentine’s day

Forget wine. Forget fizz. Shake up your Valentine’s Day celebrations and say it with a cocktail. 

From rich, red drinks to our best loved creations, here’s the most romantic cocktails to serve your loved ones this Valentine’s.

Vieux Carre

From the romantic city of New Orleans comes the Vieux Carre cocktail, a classic recipe that’s smoky, sweet, bitter and smooth. Everything you need for a Valentine’s drink. There’s a few ingredients to mix (including our golden 15 year old scotch aged in French oak casks), but its simple method means it’s easy to serve at a moment’s notice.

Chocolate Orange Old Fashioned

Swap your standard box of chocolates for a sweet and creamy cocktail that’ll become a new Valentine’s tradition. Our Chocolate Old Fashioned is flavoured with a twist of orange and a dash of chocolate liqueur. It’s rich, indulgent and seriously delicious.

The Rose Royale

Upgrade your wine to a sparkling Rosé cocktail this Valentine’s Day. You’ll want to infuse some of The Glenlivet whisky beforehand to get some extra floral flavours. But the effort is more than worth it. Serve with heart shaped ice and rose petals – there’s no such thing as too much.

New York Sour

This classic cocktail is as romantic looking as it’s delicious to drink. And the perfect excuse to use up your leftover vino. Start with a classic Whisky Sour base, then top with a red wine float to create the New York Sour’s signature deep red layer.

Salted Caramel Single Malt

Add something sweet to your cocktail repertoire this Valentine’s Day. Our salted caramel whisky cocktail goes down a treat with anyone who likes a little sugar. Whisky, bitters, salted caramel syrup and a citrus twist make up the recipe.

Full Scottish Marmalade

Rich, red and romantic, our marmalade cocktail is perfect for a Valentine’s themed evening. Scottish marmalade is the star of the show, bringing a bittersweet tang to smooth scotch whisky. Whilst ruby port adds a lovely gemstone colour.

Japanese Summer

A pink cocktail that screams romance – Japanese Summer is one that’ll really impress your date. The delicate flavours of blossom, rose and bergamot from the sencha tea combine with honeyed scotch and fizzy lime to create this fruity drink.

Coco Noche

This tropical whisky cocktail combines The Glenlivet’s Caribbean Reserve with coconut, almond and allspice to warm you up and whisk you away. Make it hot or keep it cold and pretend you’re on your holidays.

Whisky Hot Chocolate

Forget chocolate truffles. This year we’re drinking our Valentine’s treat. Make up your favourite hot cocoa and add in a dash of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve. We also love to top our Whisky Hot Chocolate with a sprinkle of cinnamon for extra warming spice on a cold winter’s evening.

Morning Glory Fizz

Kick off the romance with a Morning Glory Fizz, a perfect drink for a Valentine’s brunch date. It’s fresh, fruity and elaborate, with an ultra frothy serve for extra drama. Make it your own by swapping out hard to come by ingredients such as peach eau de vie.

Grain and Cane

Put the pink into your Valentine’s celebrations with our raspberry whisky cocktail. Inspired by Scotland’s cranachan dessert, this one’s super sweet and refreshing with a surprising acidic kick. Make a batch for your double date or Galentine’s night in.


Couldn’t make it to Paris? No problem. The Boulevardier will help set the scene. Luxurious, sweet and classy, this whisky twist on a classic Negroni brings a dash of French elegance to your Valentine’s cocktail hour.

Fig and Pear Sour

The Fig and Pear Sour is soft and sultry, guaranteed to bring the romance. The fruity ingredients elevate our 12 Year Old whisky’s naturally sweet and spiced notes. Creating a pastel pink drink that’ll get you bonus brownie points.


Move over Valentine’s desserts. The Mudslide is here to steal the show. This indulgent drink is worthy of any romantic night whether you’re ending an extravagant home cooked meal or cosying in front of the fireplace. It’s got plenty of coffee, cream and whisky. But you can make it your own with almost anything including chocolate, ice cream and salted caramel.

Maraschino Cherry Manhattan

A classy cocktail for a classy night in. The Cherry Manhattan is our take on a Brooklyn. Made ultra smooth with fruity pineapple and tangy maraschino cherry. Pour a round of these and feel seriously suave.

Scotch on the Rocks

For the whisky lovers and whisky beginners. Keep things simple with a Scotch on the Rocks. Just make sure it’s a good dram. Our 12 Year Old single malt is our go-to for a sophisticated serve.

Paper Plane

Newer than most traditional whisky drinks, the Paper Plane is your 21st century classic. It’s bittersweet and perfectly pink – a good choice for a romantic night in. Garnish your cocktail with an edible rice paper plane to send a romantic love note upon serving.

Best in Pour

Elevate romantic movie nights with a whisky popcorn cocktail. Best in Pour is what happens when The Glenlivet 14 Year Old meets gold dusted popcorn. It’s playful, theatrical and definitely worthy of a cosy Valentine’s.

Get more cocktail recipes to shake up and sip this Valentine’s Day. There’s a serve for every moment including dinner party cocktails and brunch parties.