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6 Whisky Drinks Similar to a Negroni

Negronis have been having a moment for a while. Whilst this classic cocktail originated in the early 1900s, it wasn’t until a few years ago that it took the world by storm.

The equal parts of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth is clearly a winner. But there’s no reason why you can’t make the Negroni your own.

Whether you’re looking for a new spin on your favourite cocktail, or want to swap out an ingredient you’re not so keen on, there’s plenty of drinks similar to the Negroni you can try. Here’s the ones we love to make.


The Boulevardier is essentially a Negroni with scotch. So if you’re not ready to stray too far from the original recipe, this one’s a great place to start. 

Much like the Negroni, the Boulevardier has been around for over a century, originating in Paris as the signature drink of an American writer. The name literally means ‘wealthy, fashionable socialite’, so it’s definitely a cocktail for when you want to feel superlative.

The switch from gin to scotch whisky adds a richer taste, especially when you use The Glenlivet 15 Year Old. Notes of almond and lingering spice elevates the drink’s sweetness and full-bodied character.

Paper Plane

If you enjoy the tart, bitter taste of a Negroni, then a Paper Plane cocktail should be next on your list to try. 

This modern whisky cocktail has a short history but big impact, having become a staple on bar menus across the world. Equal measures of herbal liqueur, Aperol, whisky and freshly squeezed lemon are combined to get a bittersweet taste that looks wonderful in a coupe glass. 

It’s also a great cocktail to mix up your own way. The lemon can be swapped for oranges to get a taste more similar to a Negroni. Whilst soda or Prosecco can also be added to achieve a longer-lasting highball.



From one classic drink to another. The Old Fashioned is the Negroni of the whisky world. This original cocktail is the first of its kind, dating back to the 17th century as a way to smooth out the harshness of pre-prohibition whiskies.

Today the Old Fashioned is a recipe every bartender knows, with variations such as the New Fashioned and Sazerac becoming classics in their own right. We’ve even created our own, including the Honey Old Fashioned and Elderflower Peach Old Fashioned.

Much like the Negroni, the original recipe has little ingredients to combine. Whisky, bitters and sugar is all you need. Plus an orange twist to garnish.


If it’s simplicity you’re after, then the Godfather cocktail will be right up your street. Made with just two spirits, it couldn’t be easier to make. But with simple ingredients comes great flavour.

Whisky and Amaretto are stirred together over ice, combining sweet, almond notes with the scotch’s spiced, nutty flavour. It’s rich, strong and an excellent sipper to share with friends.

If that’s not enough, there’s also plenty of ways to make it your own. The addition of peated scotch creates a smokier taste, whilst swapping Amaretto for cream creates a rich, dessert like drink known as the Godchild. It’s not exactly similar to a Negroni at this stage, but we love it all the same.



Inspired by the Manhattan and Brooklyn cocktail, the Maraschino Cherry Manhattan is a sweet, straightforward drink. Using whisky, dry vermouth and a dash of bitters, it carries the same tart taste of a Negroni but adds extra fruitiness with Luxardo Liqueur. 

The taste of maraschino cherry plays beautifully with the strong pineapple notes found in our 12 Year Old whisky. It’s a perfect summer serve but feel free to enjoy a sip all year round.


Vieux Carré

There’s as many similarities between a Negroni and Vieux Carré cocktail as there are differences. Both are sweet yet bitter. Each is smooth and elegant. But the Vieux Carré also brings a hint of smokiness and complexity.

The original recipe comes from New Orleans, named after the city’s French Quarter. There’s quite a few ingredients to combine, but the taste is well worth the effort. Various bitters, Martell VS and sweet vermouth are stirred over ice with our golden 15 Year Old scotch. Aged in French oak casks, it compliments the drink’s origins and adds a lightly spiced touch to the finishing taste.

Discover more whisky cocktails you can make at home with The Glenlivet. From fresh, herby cocktails to warm whisky drinks, there’s plenty of new and classic recipes to try.