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 9 Fresh Herby Cocktails 

Herbs makes an excellent addition to any recipe. Fresh, aromatic, woody and earthy. Nature’s edible green garden brings plenty of flavour to the kitchen and your cocktail bar.


From mint to rosemary, basil to sage, there’s lots of different herbs to experiment with. Add them as a garnish, muddle them in your drink or infuse a spirit with your favourite herb. You can even make your own cocktail herb garden that you can pick from whenever the moment calls.

Here’s our favourite herby cocktails to drink all year long. From fresh spring whisky cocktails to warming winter serves with a herbaceous twist.

Scotch Whisky Smash

Whisky, lemon, sugar and mint are a classic combination. And that’s all you need to mix up a Scotch Whisky Smash. The citrus and fresh mint elevate the whisky’s lighter notes, creating a sublime cocktail that’s popular year round – especially on balmy sunny afternoons. 

Just make sure to shake all the ingredients together for at least ten seconds to infuse the natural flavours into the whisky. And feel free to get experimental. There’s plenty of ways to make a variation of a Whisky Smash with other fruits and herbs found in the garden.

Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is the OG herbal cocktail, known for its addition of aromatic bitters that give the whisky a herbaceous edge. Only two or three drops are needed to change the flavour profile of the scotch, whilst a dash of sugar balances the stronger flavours. It’s the perfect drink for when you’re out of fresh herbs.

In our recipe, we create a perfect bitters blend mixing traditional Angostura bitters with three other variations to bring out the very best of our 12 Year Old whisky.

Rosemary Old Fashioned

We love a twist on a classic. And this Old Fashioned variation is certainly different. Using rich orange peel and freshly picked herbs, the Rosemary Old Fashioned is an impressive mix. 

A swap to brown sugar gives a richer, deeper sweetness. Whilst the addition of a rosemary sprig adds a subtle piney note to the drink. Pour a glass and feel smug on a late summer afternoon, or match the seasonal flavours to a festive celebration.

Whisky Julep

Try our take on a Whisky Julep that showcases both the versatility of scotch in summer cocktail recipes and the complex flavour profile of The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve. Sweet red apple juice and green cardamom add warmth and depth to the drink, with a dash of pear liqueur and handpicked mint leaves for freshness.

Each ingredient marries wonderfully with the whisky, elevating its signature citrus and raisin-rich notes. Serve with plenty of ice and a mint leaf garnish for the ultimate summer BBQ thirst quencher.

Scotch and Rosemary Highball

The Scotch and Rosemary Highball is a year-round crowd pleaser. Simple yet sophisticated, it’s an easy way to add extra flair through the use of fresh herbs, guaranteed to impress guests. 

Equal parts of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve and ginger beer create a warming, spiced drink. With a garnish of freshly cut rosemary that adds herby aroma to every sip. It’s a delightful serve for festive celebrations (or any occasion, really).

Maple and Mint Old Fashioned

Discover the Mint Old Fashioned, a sweet, tangy twist on a classic cocktail that brings herbal notes to the forefront. This reimagined take on a timeless whisky recipe is both unique and delicious. Once you take a sip, you’ll likely never go back to the original again. 

The addition of maple syrup adds a hint of caramel whilst an orange peel garnish is swapped for a twist of lemon to complement the mint garnish. Use freshly picked leaves where possible to harness their natural essence, and feel free to experiment with different types such as peppermint or chocolate mint.

Small Voice of Calm

Welcome a new season of sunshine and floral buds with Small Voice of Calm, a whisky lemon cocktail that celebrates the freshness of spring. Chamomile tea adds a light, herby touch to the freshly squeezed lemon and whisky, balanced by the spritz of soda water. 

It’s simple to make and easy-going to drink, making it a delightful way to end the day after a busy week. Garnish with dried chamomile flowers found in the garden to elevate the cocktail’s springtime appearance.

Mint Whisky Smash

When you fancy something extra minty, make sure to make a Mint Smash. This simple to make cocktail recipe uses freshly made, extra strong mint tea and lots of ice to keep things cool. With a generous squeeze of lime for added citrus. 

When it comes to the whisky, we use The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve for a signature smooth, creamy finish. Stir in some honey for a bit of sweetness and voila! You can’t get much fresher than that.

Sage Old Fashioned

Try something different with a Sage Old Fashioned. This flavourful twist has an unexpected but delicious twist that will see sage crop up a lot more in your cocktail making. 

The fresh sage leaves add a woody, earthy finish to a smooth whisky and bitters mix. Whilst honey is used instead of sugar for natural sweetness. Sip on a warm evening as the night draws in.

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