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7+ Maple Drinks

Maple and whisky are a match made in heaven. The natural sweetness of Canada’s famous syrup perfect balances the creamy, spiced smoothness of scotch. And we love the two together in a cocktail.

You don’t need to get complicated to make a maple whisky drink. Simply swap out the sugar or add in a dash of syrup to make your favourite serve extra sweet.

Here’s our favourites to get you started, taken from our collection of cocktails for autumn.

Maple Whisky Sour

We’re kicking off with a banger; the Maple Whisky Sour. This simple yet perfected twist on a classic Whisky Sour is for those who like the sweeter side of life. 

The naturally sweet maple is perfectly balanced by sour fresh lemon, brought together by our smooth creamy scotch, The Glenlivet 12 Year Old. It’s the ultimate after dinner drink, brunch cocktail or serve for whenever you fancy it.

Whisky Punch

Forget subtle serves. This punch has extra flavour. It’s sweet, citrusy and has just enough spice to create a lasting zing. It’s a real crowd pleaser.

Our Whisky Punch has all the autumnal flavours, but we love it year round. Orange, lemon and ginger create a zesty, fiery base. Soothed by smooth scotch and sweet maple. And the garnish is extra. Wheels of citrus fruit, cinnamon sticks and tons of ice are non negotiable.

Maple & Mint Old Fashioned

This one’s for those who aren’t afraid to go beyond the norm. The experimenters and trendsetters. The ones that live original. Meet the Mint and Maple Old Fashioned. A unique take on a classic drink that gets a lot of love.

The Old Fashioned’s simple ingredients make it super easy to make your own (check out our other variations on an Old Fashioned). Whisky, bitters and sugar are the base. But this time we’re swapping to maple syrup for sweetness, and adding in a mint sprig garnish for extra refreshing herbal notes. It’s complex, layered and bound to get guests talking.

Maple Red Wine Sour

This deliciously layered cocktail is what happens with a classic Red Wine Sour gets a Canadian twist. Fresh lemon and whisky made the traditional ‘sour’ base, with an added dash of maple syrup to replace the sugar. Once shaken, red wine is carefully poured to create a crimson float.

The Maple Red Wine Sour is an unexpected remix, but we promise it’s so good, it’ll become your new go to. Because cocktail hour isn’t for playing safe.

Apple & Cinnamon Spritz

Name your favourite fall flavours and apple and cinnamon likely come to mind. This sparkling spritz is the ultimate autumn whisky cocktail to serve cool on warm evenings and at seasonal get togethers.

A pinch of cinnamon and dash of apple cider add warming flavours to sparkling wine in this Apple Cinnamon Spritz. Simple swap the sugar syrup for maple for extra autumnal sweetness and you’ve got yourself a cosy cocktail to drink all season.

Maple Whisky Smash

Give a Scotch Whisky Smash an even sweeter twist by swapping sugar syrup for maple. This light serve is the perfect fresh serve for summer months, but it’s also a simple crowd pleaser.

The lemon and mint flavours of this classic cocktail are super refreshing, and easy to put your own spin on. Discover more ways to make a Whisky Smash variation.

Maple Hot Toddy

Nothing’s cosier than a Hot Toddy. Unless perhaps you add maple? The soothing mix of honey, lemon and whisky warms up the cockles on the coldest of nights, with a cinnamon garnish for extra spice. 

Switch honey for maple syrup to try a slightly different tasting serve. The maple’s natural sweetness is sure to complement the smooth flavours of The Glenlivet 12 Year Old.

Discover more ways to drink The Glenlivet with our collection of whisky cocktails. There’s a serve for every season and flavours, from sweet to sour.