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Hampers are an easy yet thoughtful present for any time of year, whether it be during the holidays, Father’s Day or to simply say thank you. 

If your giftee is a whisky drinker, why not base a gift basket on their favourite spirit by adding some complimentary accompaniments they’ll be delighted to receive.

From tasty treats to accessories for the home, there are plenty of items you can include to make the ultimate whisky gift.

Here we share our favourite whisky hamper ideas.

A Bottle Of Single Malt Whisky

A whisky lover’s hamper wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of single malt for their favourite whisky drink. Whilst there are many types of whisky to choose from, single malt is one of the best money can buy – so whether your hamper is for a whisky connoisseur or newbie, you really can’t go wrong. 

If you want to add a bit of history or locality to your chosen bottle, go for single malt scotch. This revered type of whisky was first produced in Scotland in the 1800s and offers an exceptionally smooth, creamy finish. 

Our signature The Glenlivet’s Founder’s Reserve is a thoughtful choice, made using the same time-honoured distillation methods that our founder George Smith introduced so long ago. Or, why not offer something a little more unexpected such as The Glenlivet Captain Reserve, a raisin-rich, honey spiced scotch, or The Glenlivet 18 Year Old, an elegant single malt made for special occasions.

Discover our range of single malt whiskies that each offer something deliciously unique.

Whisky Glasses

Give your giftee a glass or two to add a touch of luxury to your whisky hamper – it’ll also allow them to sample a dram straight out the bottle! A traditional whisky glasses is a short tumbler with a heavy base, known as an old fashioned glass. Named after the most popular whisky cocktail, it’s also a staple for drinking whisky neat or on the rocks.

But feel free to think outside the box. Glencairn glasses are a smaller teardrop glass, designed to elevate the flavours of a whisky as you swirl and savour the liquid. Made in Scotland, the Glencairn is found in many scotch distilleries as a traditional tasting glass. Of course you could also treat your giftee to a pair of highballs for creating cocktails, or a shot glass or two if that’s more their style.

Whisky Accessories

Aside from whisky glasses, there’s plenty of other bits and bobs you can include to beef up your hamper. A hip flask, cocktail shaker or decanter are all accessories an avid whisky drinker will appreciate. Whilst cocktail recipe books add something a little different to the mix and allow your giftee to experiment with different drinks using their new bottle of scotch.

You could also add whisky stones which prevent dilution, or a specialist ice cube tray for making a giant cube or spherical ice; the perfect accompaniment to an old fashioned cocktail or a scotch on the rocks.

Food Pairings

Forget wine tasting – whisky and food pairing is where it’s at. From tangy fruits to salty crackers, there are plenty of delicious delights you can include in your hamper.



Add a local or favourite cheese to your gift basket, or create a whisky and cheese hamper with a few different varieties for a cheese loving giftee.

Cheese and whisky are a delicious pairing, so you can’t really go wrong with your chosen slice. The idea is to pick a cheese that compliments the notes of your chosen scotch. 

Mature hard cheeses pair perfectly with The Glenlivet 12 Year Old whilst a salty crumbly stilton contrasts to the wonderful sweet flavours of our Caribbean Reserve. Find out more about how to pair cheese with whisky in our guide.


Cured Meats

Single malt whiskies are made with a complex combination of rich and warming notes so they can handle the big flavours of red meat. Spicy chorizo and sour salami work well with a sweet, rounded scotch, whilst cured pork such as prosciutto compliments a slightly spiced bottle such as The Glenlivet 15 Year Old.


Local Snacks

If you’ve chosen a bottle of scotch from a Scottish distillery, take a look at what other local produce you can include in your whisky hamper. Salty pretzels, sesame crackers, tangy vinegar crisps and honey-roasted nuts all make an enjoyable accompaniment to a dram of whisky. And they give your giftee everything they need for a night in with their hamper.



Add something sweet to your whisky hamper with a selection of indulgent chocolates. The creamy texture of good chocolate matches the warming notes of a single malt scotch. Pick a fruit and nut selection box to pair with a lighter whisky, or try dark chocolate with intenser flavours of ginger, hazelnut and chilli against a richer, deep scotch.


Looking for more gift inspiration? Check out our guide to what to bring to a dinner party or Father’s Day gift ideas for every type of dad. You can also take a look at our whisky cocktail recipes for inspiration on how to enjoy his bottle of single malt.