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Your Handy

1. Ice, ice baby

Really elevate your drinks with frozen flowers or fruit inside the cubes.

2. Got your glassware?

Here’s a thought: try insulated ones to help cocktails keep their chill.

3. Home bartending basics

You never know when you’ll need that jigger, muddler, strainer or citrus juicer.

4. All-in on ingredients

From mint, to fresh fruit, to simple syrups, know what all your RECIPES need.

5. Something to munch on

If guests will be there longer than 90 minutes, snacks & apps are a MUST.

6. Napkins, plates & utensils

Want your guests wiping their hands on their pants? No, you don’t.

7. Lights, music, action!

The right tunes & setup will keep your party lit long after the sun goes down.

8. Decor they’ll adore

Think fresh flowers, props for photo opps and a relaxing bar/serving area.

9. The most important part: The Glenlivet

ORDER DELIVERY OR STOCK UP at the store. You don’t want to run low on this one!