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To the initiated, The Glenlivet is The definitive whisky – the original single malt, which sets the standard against which all other Speyside whiskies are measured. With The Glenlivet Code, we decided to push the boundaries of possibility, subverting expectations to create a whisky without precedent.

No tasting notes. No cask details. Just an opaque black bottle, concealing the enigmatic amber liquid inside. Encrypted by Master Distiller Alan Winchester in utmost secrecy, this covert creation was designed to test the taste buds of even the most experienced of whisky connoisseurs. Inspired by the famous British code- breakers, The Glenlivet Code challenged single malt lovers to unlock the taste, achieving a moment of definitive pleasure.

But what about you, dear Guardian? Were you able to identify the flavors and crack The Glenlivet Code?

Full Tasting Notes Revealed

The Glenlivet Code is a new twist to the signature Speyside fruity style of The Glenlivet distillery. Whisky previously matured in oak casks, has been finished in first fill ex-Canadian rye barrels to add a unique layer of complexity and taste. This is the first time The Glenlivet has been finished in ex-Canadian rye casks.

Taking a dram of The Glenlivet Code to your nose, you’ll discover a fruity and sweet scent with notes of baked red apple, creamy toffee and cinnamon, combined with delicate scented floral aromas and a touch of violet.

Upon tasting, you will find The Glenlivet Code is gloriously sweet with fruity aromas of pears and juicy pineapple, followed by spicy flavors of sweet ginger, liquorice root and subtle fresh mint leaves. Leaving you with a finish that is long, fruity and refreshing.