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Whisky Storage Ideas:
How to Store Whisky?

Safely stowed, a bottle of The Glenlivet can be enjoyed months, or even years, after opening. As a general rule a cool, odour-free environment of medium humidity is best to ensure your favourite whiskies are kept in tip-top condition.

Here’s what you can do to make sure that exceptional bottle which has been sitting patiently in the cabinet all this time is best prepared for the momentous moment of opening…


Always store your whisky away from direct sunlight. Over time the sun’s rays can potentially deteriorate the condition of a whisky, as well as cause the label to fade.


Make sure your whisky stands tall. Whisky bottles should never be stored on their side, they should always be kept upright.


Many of us have a particular bottle reserved for special occasions. If you’re intending to keep your whisky for a long time, it will retain more of its vibrancy if you decant it into a smaller bottle once there is roughly half left. This is because whisky can oxidise over time, losing some of its perceived character, and by decanting it into a smaller bottle there will be less interaction with the air.


So now you know how to keep your whisky well, it’s surely time to pour yourself a dram in celebration.