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Guests got you stressed?
Good news: Here are at The Glenlivet we consider ourselves experts when it comes to thinking outside the box and walking to the beat of our own dram. Make this year’s celebration one that everyone (including the host!) is able to enjoy with our Top 5 Holiday Hosting Hacks! Get ready to seize the season and enjoy your holidays!

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Need a change of scenery? So does everyone else attending your holiday celebration. Trade the usual dinner for timeless memories by thinking outside the box table this year!

Turning the tables doesn’t have to be complex. You could crank up the space heaters and fire pits and take your Holiday Feast to the outside patio. Consider a themed-brunch instead of a dinner, or even switch up your get together dates by having a potluck celebration after the holidays with delicious leftovers paired with great cocktails.

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Deliver that warm, fuzzy scotch-feeling with a hosting hack of Holidays Past: paper invitations. Mailed! With a stamp! Start practicing your cursive, because we saved you a step by making holiday party invites, ready to print, RIGHT HERE for any whisky lover’s use.

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Here’s a few contenders to get your crew’s new holiday traditions started:

* Declare the Unexpected Potluck: Guests can only bring unexpected side dishes (like Pimento Stuffed Shishisto peppers that we definitely want to try right now).

* Organize the Mixtape: Start a shared playlist on your favorite streaming service and drop it in the group chat so everyone can add the songs they actually want to hear during the get-together.

* Start a “Mug Shot” themed decorating contest: Remind each guest to bring a mug and compete in a holiday-themed decoration contest! We recommend using paint markers and choosing a theme as absurd and whimsical as possible for maximum memorable results. Bonus points for using those mugs to sip on a Glenlivet Spiced Spey afterward.

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What’s better than the feeling you get while searching for your place card at a beautifully decorated holiday dinner table? The feeling when you find it. Holidays are the perfect time to flex your artistic muscles or skip that all together and go the easy route.

You could use unique elements like notched wood for card holders (WITH THIS READY-TO-PRINT NAME CARD TEMPLATE FOR A SHORTCUT), head to a local print shop, or even click over to The Glenlivet Shop and order CUSTOM LABELS to use as deliciously unexpected place cards.


Guests who bring whisky instead of a side dish are 90% more likely to be invited back. Probably. Regardless, impress any scotch lover by bringing a CUSTOM ENGRAVED BOTTLE of the host’s (or your) favorite The Glenlivet for a holiday guest that’s always welcome.

BONUS HACK: Can’t be there in person? Have our friends over at DRIZLY deliver a bottle to their doorstep!

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Hosting is stressful, and during the holidays it can be even more so! Just remember The Glenlivet has your back, and these quick and elevated tips will make your get together a success. This year, shake things up and seize the season by having the holiday celebrations you really want. After all, the holidays are about the ones (and whisky) you love the most.