15 Year Old Single Cask Sherry Butt


An original collection of exclusive Speyside single malt whisky from The Glenlivet distillery, The Glenlivet 15 Year Old Single Cask scotch whisky is sold by Mail Marketing UK Limited. You can now make this bottle extra special with personalised engraving. Select ‘Buy Engraved’ and your unique message can be added at the cart.

ABV : 60.2%

Volume : 70cl



Sherry Butt


Dark gold


Long and fruity with a gentle spicy finish


A sublime combination of warming spices and rich forest fruits. Sweet cherry compote and tangy citrus orange intertwine with fragrant sweet cloves and cinnamon spice


Sweet citrus clementine and rich homemade strawberry jam are perfectly balanced with freshly baked gingerbread and juicy, ripe plums. A hint of velvety smooth dark chocolate adds depth


Sweet fruits and warming spices

With these exclusive Single Cask Editions, Single Malt enthusiasts can own an exclusive piece of The Glenlivet’s history.

Each bottle is the result of a unique combination of liquid, cask and age and can never be replicated again. Embracing the cask’s original character and flavour, it offers one of the purest Single Malt experiences available.