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World Whisky Day

Everyone has a day of the year they just can’t wait for, whether it’s seeing their family’s faces light up over Christmas dinner or bringing their friends together for a birthday celebration. For us, it’s World Whisky Day!

We know that whisky isn’t like other drinks; every sip will be savoured, every scent and flavour will be remembered, and the memory of each occasion will linger longer than even the most triumphant finish.

We strive to push the boundaries of possibility in the field of whisky-making. This World Whisky Day, we want to pay tribute to some of our favourite expressions and the memories they have helped to create. But before we do that, let’s find out a little more about how World Whisky Day came to be and how it can be celebrated in style.


World Whisky Day is recognised as a day to celebrate the drink that has been produced and much loved for centuries. It was founded in 2012 by Blair Bowman, who at the time, was a student at the University of Aberdeen. As an international whisky day, events are held on every continent and social media becomes awash with people sharing their appreciation of the ‘water of life’.


The inaugural event took place on the 27th of March 20212 but nowadays, World Whisky Day is celebrated annually on the third Saturday in May. World Whisky Day 2023, therefore, will fall on Saturday the 20th of May.


There’s no wrong way to celebrate World Whisky Day; it’s all about enjoying whisky and sharing your passion for it in whatever way you see fit. However, if you’re stuck for ideas on how to make the most of the day, these suggestions might help inspire you.

Throw an outdoor garden dinner party

We know that even in May, planning an outdoor dinner party can be a bit touch and go (thanks rain), but an al fresco event is a great way to celebrate World Whisky Day in a more relaxed style. Invite family and/or friends over, decorate the garden according to whichever theme you choose, get some music playing, and dish out some great grub alongside a variety of whisky cocktails. You could do a BBQ, for example, and serve refreshing drinks such as a Pineapple Whisky Smash or an Elderflower Collins. Or you could experiment with fun and unexpected whisky and food pairings.

Take a trip to Speyside

Is there a more immersive way to celebrate World Whisky Day than to head to the most extensive whisky region in Scotland? There are plenty of things to do in Speyside, from exploring the Cairngorms to visiting The Glenlivet Distillery to see how our scotch is made. You can sample our Single Cask editions, experience a distillery tour, or take a walk through our warehouse. Hey, if you really love whisky, you could even do all three!

Try a new cocktail

World Whisky Day is a great opportunity to test your bartending skills by crafting a delicious whisky cocktail. Of course, there are the classics like a Whisky Sour or a Godfather cocktail but there are plenty of other options if you want to experiment with flavours. An oolong tea highball, for instance, has notes of peach, vanilla and toffee. And an apple cinnamon cocktail makes the most of this winning fruit and spice combination.

Host a whisky tasting

If you appreciate a good dram and you have some friends who do too, then why not gather everyone together and host a whisky tasting? As the organiser, you can have fun selecting the whiskies that you’ll include in the tasting line up or you could ask each guest to bring a bottle (and a snack to go with it).

Find your favourite bottle of The Glenlivet

Every bottle of The Glenlivet is made with passion and a cask-load of experience. And whilst our story may have started with our founder George Smith distilling one variation, we now have a large range of expressions, each with its own unique characteristics.

This World Whisky Day, we wanted to shine a light on what makes our expressions so special and perhaps you can use this virtual procession to find your favourite bottle of The Glenlivet.

Want to celebrate World Whisky Day in style? Take inspiration from our whisky cocktail recipes, and check out our guides to hosting a brunch party and whisky pairing dinner.