At The Glenlivet, Father’s Day is a celebration we take pretty seriously.


Which made us think. Perhaps this question of what it means to be a dad in today’s world, wasn’t quite as straightforward as it seemed.


To dig a little deeper, we conducted a social experiment to showcase the wonderful uniqueness of fatherhood, proving that there isn’t a one size fits all definition by getting real dads to read out a Father’s Day script with a little help from their adult children.


The catch? This script was written entirely by Artificial Intelligence.





This script reflects AI’s interpretation of what a Father’s Day commercial should look like, based on stereotypical representations of fatherhood throughout the decades.


Needless to say, it didn’t quite hit the mark.


This Father’s Day, let’s #BreakTheStereotype of how dads are represented by celebrating all dads for who they really are – whether they like to fix cars or call roadside assistance, whether their wilderness is the woods or their backyard, and whether they’re rugged on the outside or a marshmallow on the inside, or both.


Cheers to you, Dad.

Val Fathers Day
Mel Fathers Day
Shane Fathers Day
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