At The Glenlivet, Father’s Day is a celebration we take pretty seriously.


Which made us think. Perhaps this question of what it means to be a dad in today’s world, wasn’t quite as straightforward as it seemed.


To dig a little deeper, we conducted a social experiment to showcase the wonderful uniqueness of fatherhood, proving that there isn’t a one size fits all definition by getting real dads to read out a Father’s Day script with a little help from their adult children.


The catch? This script was written entirely by Artificial Intelligence.





This script reflects AI’s interpretation of what a Father’s Day commercial should look like, based on stereotypical representations of fatherhood throughout the decades.


Needless to say, it didn’t quite hit the mark.


This Father’s Day, let’s #BreakTheStereotype of how dads are represented by celebrating all dads for who they really are – whether they like to fix cars or call roadside assistance, whether their wilderness is the woods or their backyard, and whether they’re rugged on the outside or a marshmallow on the inside, or both.


Cheers to you, Dad.

Val Fathers Day
Mel Fathers Day
Shane Fathers Day
Randall Fathers Day



From his favorite expression to personalized bottle labels, we’ve got you covered to make your gift extra special this year. Your dad deserves something as unique as he is.