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Stressing the small talk at your get-togethers this year? We hear you. Small talk with that friend can too often get dry before you finish your first drink. So this year, we’re sharing our tried and true conversation topic changers — and yes, they’re all scotch related.

Read on to discover 5 Whisky Facts that are interesting enough to distract Fred from his political rant or even Karen from asking if you’re still single. Because the only hot-button issue we want at our table is “are we making Old Fashioneds or New Fashioneds next?”

1. “It’s medicinal.”

Although alcohol was strictly regulated when Prohibition was introduced to the United States, whisky was often exempt as being classified as contraband due to its’ supposed “medicinal properties.” So naturally, when Winston Churchill visited the States in 1931, he had his doctor write him a prescription for his use of whisky — specifically the “use of alcoholic spirits especially at mealtimes” to keep up his health while traveling. Well played, Winston, well played.

2. “I love scotch.”

The Glenlivet is a long-time favorite of the silver-screen. Some of the most notable drinkers of our single malt include:
• Brendan Fraser
• Keanu Reeves
• Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell)
• Nicolas Cage

3. “What are your fitness goals for this year?”

The word “whisky” comes from the Gaelic phrase “uisge beatha,” which roughly translates to “water of life.” Believed to derive from the medicinal properties alcohol was said to offer in earlier centuries, we won’t argue that enjoying a glass of The Glenlivet with dinner helps end your day on a high note. But drinking only whisky instead of water? We’re going to go ahead and pass on that move and stay hydrated this season.

4. “Gossip, girl.”

The only whisky allowed to legally use the official moniker The Glenlivet, George Smith was once so fed up with other distillers mis-using The Glenlivet name that he wrote and published a front-page editorial piece in 1834 explicitly calling out the illegal use of the name by local distillers. Shall we coin the phrase “spicy since 1834”?

5. “Controversial science topic.”

Nikola Tesla, renowned inventor and physicist, believed drinking whisky every day would make him live to 150 years old. A for effort, but Tesla only made it to 86 after being hit by a taxicab and refusing to tell a doctor of his extensive internal injuries. Guess we’ll never know, Tesla.

There you have it — five topic changers or conversation starters where people will give a dram. So, grab a celebratory glass of The Glenlivet, go forth, and have the get-together you really want. You’ve earned it.