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What Type Of Whisky Drinker Are You?

With many different types of whisky available in the world, there is no wonder that there are so many different types of whisky drinkers. From whisky newbie to seasoned whisky drinker– let’s find out which category you fall into!


Seasoned Whisky Drinker

You’re a fully-fledged whisky connoisseur. Your parents drank it, as did your grandparents before that. Whisky isn’t just a beverage, it’s a way of life. As a seasoned whisky drinker there is no need to prove yourself – you know what you like, and you stick to it. Whilst others may have jumped onto G&T bandwagon in the past few years, you have remained a loyal whisky drinker. In your opinion, a glass of whisky is the perfect tonic for every special occasion.

Whisky with Mixer

Whisky connoisseurs may turn their nose up, but a whisky with a mixer can be a delicious combination. If you’re a whisky drinker who only drinks the spirit with a mixer, the likelihood is that you’re not too concerned with the depth of flavor and unique characteristics of the whisky. Rather you just enjoy a whisky and mixer for a night out, a night in or a date night – it’s as simple as that!

Whisky Cocktails

How do you improve on an already elite spirit? Make it into a cocktail of course! Whether you’re an avid Whisky Sour drinker or prefer a classic Manhattan and Old Fashioned, a whisky cocktail will always be your go-to tipple. With classic whisky cocktails, the combination of flavors balance and complement the whisky so that you can still appreciate the robust taste of the spirit. If you’re a whisky drinker who drinks only whisky cocktails, then you won’t be afraid to try any whisky concoction and may just happen upon a new winning combination.


Whisky with Water

Any whisky drinker will tell you that drinking whisky with a splash of water is the perfect way to enjoy the spirit. Adding a drop of water can ‘open up’ the whisky, without diluting it too much. When drinking whisky, usually you taste each flavor individually, however adding a splash of water can help make the drink more evenly balanced so that you can enjoy the range of flavors simultaneously. Whisky and water drinkers are likely to be huge whisky fans who know the different types of whisky, the regions they come from and their unique flavor profiles. These whisky drinkers drink the spirit because they care about the taste and are likely to be open to trying whiskies from all over the globe. These guys know a good whisky when they taste one.

Whisky Enthusiast

Do you know a Speyside whisky, from a Campbeltown whisky?  Do you know the different flavor profiles of each type of whisky? These whisky drinkers are like a whisky encyclopaedia and can inform you of endless whisky facts, from the exact definition of Scotch whisky to the different regions in which it is produced. If you’re new to whisky, these enthusiasts can point you in the right direction and will give you a rundown of all the qualities of the spirit that you might enjoy.

Whisky Drinker Newbie

If you’re a whisky drinker newbie, you’re likely to be keen to learn all there is to know about this fantastic spirit. You’re on a road to discovery and in for treat. It’s not going to be easy; you’ve probably tried a few different types that haven’t hit the spot yet but finding your favourite type of whisky is part of the fun. Whilst the smoky, peaty flavor of some whiskies may not appeal to you, a lighter, fruitier whisky might just be your preference (Try The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve for a tropical touch). As a whisky drinker newbie, you’re likely to be enthusiastic, inquisitive, and grateful for any long-time whisky drinkers to impart their wisdom.

Tips for Finding your Favourite Type of Whisky

The world of whisky can be overwhelming – where do you start? Discover our top tips for finding a whisky you’ll love.

Tip 1: Order Samples

Try lots of different types of whisky at once without breaking the bank by ordering samples. This way you can try lots of different flavors and varieties of whisky before deciding which is your favourite.

Tip 2: Attend a Whisky Tasting

One of the best ways to learn more about whisky is to ask an expert. Attending or hosting a whisky tasting is a great (and fun) way to try lots of different whisky and get detailed explanations from an expert who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Make a day of it and invite your friends for an afternoon or evening enjoying a range of whiskies.

The one thing all of these whisky drinkers have in common is a great love for this exquisite spirit. So, whether you’ve been sipping on single malts for many years, or have only just begun exploring, pour yourself a dram or mix up a cocktail with The Glenlivet and raise a toast to the future of whisky.


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