The Old Reserve

The Old Reserve is a scotch with a twist – a new take on The Glenlivet's Old Fashioned.

A whisky cocktail that is simple and replicable, yet complex and robust, to match the multi-layered complexity of The Glenlevit Captain’s Reserve. This creative recipe uses a couple of simple twists that emphasize the base of the Old Fashioned even further – creating warming winter flavours. Classic flavours of honey, ginger and orange accentuate the rich, subtle cognac finish of the scotch.



ml oz
Ingredients Unit
The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve
60 ml
Ginger Liqueur
15 ml
Bar Spoon of Honey
Orange Bitters
3 dashes


  1. Stir ingredients together and strain into a rocks glass over ice.
  2. Garnish with an orange twist.

What does ‘whisky on the rocks with a twist’ mean?

A whisky, or scotch, on the rocks with a twist means a whisky with ice, served with a twist of fruit peel. This is typically the skin of a citrus fruit such as orange, lime or lemon, which is twisted to release oil from the rind. Often the twist is rubbed across the lip of the glass to give extra aroma before the cocktail is sipped. And sometimes it is quickly passed through the flame of a match for extra smokiness. It’s then recommended to drop the fruit peel into your drink to add a fruity, refreshing tang that pairs perfectly with the whisky.

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