New Fashioned

Everything old is new again. This update on a classic Old Fashioned cocktail brings the incredibly smooth and luscious finish of The Glenlivet 14 Year Old single malt scotch for a bold twist on an old favourite. Once you go New Fashioned, you'll never go back.



ml oz
Ingredients Unit
The Glenlivet 14 Year Old Whisky
50 ml
Orange Bitters
2 Dashes
Angostura Bitters
2 Dashes
Simple Syrup
1 Teaspoon
Orange Peel and Rosemary (for Garnish)


  1. Add your bitters to a glass.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir around a large ice cube.
  3. Garnish with an orange twist and rosemary sprig.

New Fashioned vs Old Fashioned

What makes a New Fashioned new? Well, add anything else to the classic Old Fashioned recipe and you’ve given it a modern twist. A New Fashioned is simply an updated take on the Old Fashioned. Here we’ve pumped up the herby, citrus notes with orange bitters and a rosemary garnish. But you can get creative making a New Fashioned recipe your own. Discover more variations of an Old Fashioned to try at home.

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