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5 ideas to turn your empty whisky bottles into DIY home projects

So, you’ve just poured your last drop of The Glenlivet whisky. Used up every last bit of the golden nectar in a whisky cocktail, on the rocks, with friends, and to wind down after a busy week. 

Our whisky bottles tell countless stories and accompany you on life’s adventures – it’s no wonder that you don’t want to chuck them straight in the recycling.

Luckily, you don’t have to. But if you are going to keep hold of your scotch bottles, it’s a good idea to actually do something with them. 

Our bottles are attractive enough for plenty of DIY home decor projects that will remind you of your favourite whisky and great nights, while adding originality to your home.

If you want some easy DIY ideas and empty whisky bottle inspiration, keep reading.

Water carafe

We’re starting with the simplest DIY home decor idea of all.

Give your whisky bottle a good clean, remove the label and then fill it up with a beverage of your choice to create a carafe.

We recommend adding some lemon wedges, raspberries and mint leaves and then topping up with water. Keep in the fridge and you’ll always have a refreshing drink available – and we all know that drinks taste better when they’re in a cool bottle. 

Having friends round for an outdoor dinner party? Fill up a few of your empty scotch bottles with beverages and arrange on your table. 

Just make sure you also have a full bottle of 12 Year Old single malt, Founder’s Reserve smooth scotch whisky, or The Glenlivet whisky of choice on the bar cart – guests are bound to get a taste for whisky when they see your carafes!

Candle holder

This is another whisky bottle DIY project that you could practically do in your sleep, but that packs a decorative punch. 

Get some candlesticks and break them to size – they shouldn’t be excessively long or you risk them toppling over. You may also need a knife to carefully taper the bottom of your candle stick so it’ll fit inside your whisky bottle.

Then all that’s left to do is place the candlestick securely inside the bottle opening, light the wick… and that’s it! 

An arrangement of bottle candles looks great on a mantlepiece, as a table centrepiece or in the garden. They’d also make for ridiculously easy yet effective party decor.

As time wears on and your candles burn down, melted wax will find its way onto your bottle and add to its character.


A bottle garden is a creative way to reuse old whisky bottles. 

It will be a little fiddly due to the narrow neck, but with some patience and a long chopstick and spoon, it’ll be well worth the effort.

You’ll need a few small plants that like similar growing conditions, (we recommend starting with cacti and succulents – these plants prefer drier conditions, so it’s a smart idea to keep the lid off the bottle), along with horticultural pebbles and houseplant compost. 

Make sure your Scotch bottle is clean and dry, then add 3-5cm of pebbles, followed by the potting soil – enough so that your bottle is approximately one third of the way full. 

Then use the long spoon to carefully plant the succulents and cacti, beginning with the biggest. You won’t need many, as your plants will need room to grow.

Use a chopstick to fill the soil and make things neat. Add some extra stones to the surface if you fancy, or let the plants do all the talking.

Spritz your plants with water when the soil is dry, and watch them flourish. 

If you’d prefer plants that you can make use of, then why not use your empty The Glenlivet bottles to start your own cocktail herb garden?


We’re ending with another super simple DIY home decor idea – turning your old whisky bottle into a vase.

You can make this project as easy or as artistic as you like. On the most simple end of the spectrum, just remove labels from your old whisky bottle, give it a good clean, and adorn with flowers or foliage of your choice.

Or if you’re feeling more creative, you could try spray painting your whisky bottle – a metallic colour or matt white can be very striking. Feel free to then decorate your empty whisky bottle vase with unique hand painted designs.

Whether you choose to display a single rose, wildflowers from your garden or some trendy pampas grass in your DIY vase, it’s sure to add plenty of personality to any windowsill or bedside table. You could even make several and use them as stylish centrepieces when hosting a brunch party.

Keep your whisky bottles forever with these easy DIY ideas, and you’ll always be reminded of the incredible experiences and connections that good Scotch has given you.

Happy DIY-ing!

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