Whisky Mint Julep

A fresh mint Julep with a scotch twist. The Captain's Quarter is a fruity whisky cocktail showcasing the versatility of both scotch as a category, and also the flavour profile of The Glenlivet Captain's Reserve. Green cardamom gives a warm, North African spice, and classic orchard apples and fresh mint with a hint of dry pear complete the cocktail. This is a favourite for bourbon drinkers, and is a perfect fit for summer BBQ-style events. Just remember the simple ratio 8:4:2:1, and you're good to go!



ml oz
Ingredients Unit
The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve Whisky
60 ml
Fresh Red Apple Juice
30 ml
Green Cardamom Syrup
15 ml
Poire William
7.5 ml
Mint for Garnish
Cardamom pods for Garnish


  1. Build and churn in a julep tin.
  2. Garnish with mint sprigs and cardamom pods.

What is the best whisky for a mint julep?

A good whisky for a mint julep should be smooth, sweet and creamy. This will complement the fruity, fresh flavours of apple and mint. We recommend The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve which marries light citrus notes and spiced sweet aromas thanks to its journey from bourbon and sherry casks to a selective finish in Cognac casks.

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