8 whiskey facts
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Whisky Trivia: 8 Interesting Whisky Facts


Hosting a quiz night, starting a whisky club or just looking for a deep dive into the wonderful world of whisky?

Look no further for fun whisky facts that’ll impress a crowd wherever you are. So invite your mates around, pour a dram, get out the cheeseboard and open up the part of your mind that stores your PIN number.

  • 41 bottles of Scotch whisky are shipped out of Scotland every second. That’s over 1.2 billion bottles a year for those attempting the math!
  • We produce 21 million litres of spirit each year at The Glenlivet Distillery in Speyside.
  • Over 20 million casks of whisky lie maturing in warehouses across Scotland. That’s almost four for every person living there.
  • In some Latin American countries, they say ‘whisky’ instead of ‘cheese’ when posing for a photo.
  • Whisky can only age in wooden casks, once it’s in the bottle that’s it. So a 12 Year Old bottled in 1956 will still taste exactly the same now as it did way back in the ‘50s.
  • When prohibition was introduced in the United States, whisky was exempt due to its supposed ‘medicinal properties’. So when Winston Churchill visited in 1931, he had a doctor prescribe him “the use of alcoholic spirits especially at meal times”.
  • Nikola Tesla drank whisky every day because he believed it would make him live to 150. He only made it to 86.
  • Ron Burgundy was a fan of The Glenlivet, ordering “three fingers of Glenlivet with a little bit of pepper and some cheese.” You can also catch our famous dram in The Mummy, Grosse Pointe Blank and Birdcage.