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The Winchester Collection 1964

The Winchester Collection 1964





American Hogshead Oak



Luscious fruit flavours of pear, orange, black cherry



Exceptionally smooth and luxurious, lingering on the palate and in memory for eternity.



The perfect marriage of spirit and cask releases a wonderfully rich aroma of fruity pear and peach nectar, which envelops the nose. Complemented by juicy, sweet raisins, dark chocolate and a fondant orange crème, intermingled with a tantalising honeycomb crunch sweetness that gives incredible depth.



Bursting with luscious fruit flavours of ripe pears and oranges, black cherries and smooth creamy toffee, resulting in a fantastically velvety texture. In the background, caramelised sugar and candy flavours elevate the richness of the taste.

George Smith
On April 24th 1964, a cask of whisky was laid down by Captain Bill Smith Grant, the last distilling descendant of The Glenlivet’s founder. It was soon singled out as a batch of extreme promise, and looked after by seven master distillers over 50 years as its exceptional qualities matured into the most special of spirits. Testament to the knowledge, care and craftsmanship of everyone at The Glenlivet who played their part in making it, this whisky sits at the summit of the world of single malt scotch.
The Glenlivet 12

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