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Original by Tradition

Here at The Glenlivet we’ve never been afraid to mix things up.

Our founder George Smith was the first in the glen to legally distil single malt whisky nearly 200 years ago. He established himself as an original thinker and defined the Speyside style of whisky. Since then, we’ve carried on his legacy by continuing to do things differently.

Our mission is to open the world of single malt scotch whisky to all. Our new campaign, “Original by Tradition” shows that our tradition is breaking traditions, in whisky and in culture in order to move things forward and set new standards.

After all, what would George Smith do? Try something different, you might just discover your new favourite.

Neat? A timeless classic.

Whisky on the rocks? Great choice.

Cocktail? Tell us more.

Sit back, grab your favourite serve and enjoy our new ad right here.

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