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Single Cask

American Oak Hogshead #13087

Continuing its tradition of crafting definitive Speyside Single Malts, The Glenlivet is proud to present American Hogshead Cask #13087—a cask strength, non chill filtered Scotch whisky, aged for 18 years. There are only 246 bottles available of this New York exclusive blend.

American Oak Hogshead #13087


American Oak Hogshead



Smooth and sweet



Spiced pear tart, fresh from the oven, sweet and spicy cinnamon buns and just a hint of coconut



Creamy milk chocolate, raspberries and freshly baked lemon drizzle cake

George Smith
The Glenlivet Single Cask is an exclusive tasting experience. A unique blend bottled at its natural cask strength and without chill filtration that allows it to retain the same purity it had while maturing in the cask. Aged in American Hogshead barrels for 18 years, there are only 246 bottles of this New York limited-edition whisky. Every cask holds a flavor which can never be replicated and every bottle is individually numbered.