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The Glenlivet Single Malt Whisky The Glenlivet Single Malt Whisky

Father's Day

Father’s Day began almost a century after George Smith first set the standard for single malt whisky. It started with a celebration held in Spokane, Washington, in 1910 as Sonora Dodd sought to honour her father, a veteran of the American Civil War. Over the following decades, Sonora continued to promote the idea, raising awareness across the country. In 1966 Lyndon Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honouring fathers, and in 1972 his successor, Richard Nixon, made Father’s Day a permanent national holiday.

Now it’s celebrated around the world, from March in Spain and Portugal, though to May in Korea and Germany, and September in Australia. Here at The Glenlivet in Speyside, Scotland, it’s the third Sunday in June.

Each year we raise a dram to fathers everywhere for their guidance, courage and dedication. We also give a toast to our founding father, George Smith, the first licensed distiller in the parish of The Glenlivet.

It was in 1871 that John Gordon Smith inherited his father’s distillery, taking action to protect the distillery name and his father’s legacy. Ensuring George Smith’s single malt is the only one that can call itself The Glenlivet.

The Glenlivet | Father's Day

No matter where you are or when you celebrate it, Father’s Day is the time to honour paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. Whichever way you choose to say thank you, there’s no better way of showing Dad you care than by spending time with him. Even better if it’s over a dram of whisky.

So make him a promise. To pack your waders and go fishing together. To take a telescope and a warm jacket and go star-watching in the desert. To sit back at a summer jazz concert as the light fades in the sky. Just remember to bring The Glenlivet.

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