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Ool La La | Whisky Cocktail Recipe Ool La La | Whisky Cocktail Recipe

La La

A refreshing summertime whisky and cold brewed tea-based cocktail. The sweet, fruity flavours of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve are complemented by peach & oolong tea and a touch of vanilla, bringing out round toffee and caramelised pear notes.

Ool La La Cocktail Recipe



This drink can also be served as a sharing drink in a jug, pitcher or punch bowl. Simply increase the volumes of the ingredients depending on the number of people to serve.


- Add 5g of loose leaf tea to a vessel and pour 100ml of cold filtered water.
- Stir until tea absorbs the water. Seal and leave at room temperature for 4-6 hours.
- Pour the tea into a vessel through a fine strainer and place in a fridge to cool.