How to stand out from the crowd with the gift of whisky How to stand out from the crowd with the gift of whisky



Giving gifts can often be a tricky process, given the myriad of choices available, and the need to be respectable, so as not to lose face. Well, how about considering something special by buying a bottle of whisky for your best buddy’s birthday, New Year celebration, or the mother of holiday-gifting seasons – Christmas? Here are a few thoughtful whisky gift ideas that will make any gifting occasion a confirmed win.

‘Tis the Spirit of the Season

For one of the most festive holiday seasons of the calendar year, bringing a gift like a fine single malt scotch is just the kind of thing that gets the party started. Consider pairing it with killer dark chocolate truffles or smoky candied popcorn. For an extra special touch, add some carefully wrapped glasses and a few whisky cocktail recipe cards as part of the gift set. Sure win!

Best Friend’s Birthday

If a good buddy’s birthday is coming up, present him or her with a special whisky gift that can be enjoyed again and again – a bottle of Founder’s Reserve from The Glenlivet. It has a slightly floral nose and it’s a gift that keeps on giving, because it’s best enjoyed together-gether. Bring out the glasses, indulge in a little nostalgia and get the good times rolling.

Work Anniversaries

Celebrating a long friendship or business partnership with a bottle of scotch is an excellent way of thanking clients for their business and ensuring that work colleagues know they are appreciated. Not least because the smooth and well-balanced whisky can be enjoyed over an extended period of time, reminding them of you each time. You could even pair it with customised stainless steel whisky cubes, engraved with the recipient’s initials as part of the whisky gift set.

New Year Celebrations

It’s a time to celebrate new beginnings and new ways of doing things, so why not bring a bottle of whisky to the party, instead of the usual red and white? What better time to usher in the start of a new year than with those closest to you with a sumptuous 12 or 15 year old scotch? Cheers to bold plans for the year ahead. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…

Father’s Day

Nothing tells your dad more that he gets better with age than a bottle of premium aged whisky. Matured in oak casks, its more mellowed flavours give it a charm of its own, just like him. Make it a day for Dad by gifting him a beautiful Single Malt. Your dad will certainly appreciate the 18 year old expression from The Glenlivet that is complex, yet elegant and beautifully balanced. Kick back with your old man to savour the nose of dark chocolate and glace berries, stewed apple and sweet vanilla palate with a long nutty and spicy finish. It’s a golden opportunity to bond over grandfather stories, and show how much you appreciate him over a deep-golden Scotch, no less.

Enjoy a Glenlivet 15 whisky on the rocks with your father

Show appreciation to your father with a Glenlivet 15 Year Old.

Lunar New Year Reunion

Going to a Lunar New Year reunion party? Don’t go empty handed, bring a bottle of exceptional whisky as part of a gift set for the host and family along with a simple card (in red, of course), embellished with well-wishes of longevity, prosperity and good health. Very ong (lucky)! For bonus points, wind a ribbon or twill tape around the bottle along with the card, then apply a small circle of red sealing wax to the ribbon and impress it with an engraved stamp – Gong Xi Fa Cai!

For further guide on choosing the right whisky as a gift, head on to Exploring The Myths Around the Value of Whisky.

The Glenlivet 12

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