Music and apps to sip your whisky to Music and apps to sip your whisky to

Music & Apps To Sip Your Whisky To



Technology is transforming the way we work, live and play. So why not use music and apps to enhance your whisky experience as well? And you know, they say 3 is a magic number – so we’ve reviewed 3 specially-picked music playlists to create 3 different moods, plus 3 useful apps to deepen your passion and appreciation of whisky.


Imagine this - it's Friday night and you've got friends over. No mamak (typical supper) tonight. You'll want to create a chill vibe for new friends and great conversations. Put on an Indie playlist that has something fresh for everyone at the party to enjoy. Establish yourself as the tastemaker of the evening, broaden your guests' horizons with a whisky collection and music to chill to.

"Indie Pop" - The best blend of fresh vibes to chill out with friends at your hangout.


Hey, how about when the night is still young and cocktails are up? Then mix up a Smoky Sour, Highball or Old-Fashioned for your guests. There's no better way to kick-start a conversation, than by adding your own spin to classic whisky cocktails, so don’t hesitate!

"Stay At Home Party" - Get the party started with a dose of high-octane music tracks.


If you're crashing after a long day and night, you surely want a whisky with character and complexity, something that reaches deep down. You may want to indulge in something special like The Glenlivet 15 year old. Also the right music such as whisky and jazz to accompany you in these moments of quiet and reflection.

On nights like these, say hello to jazz and blues, because when it comes to Scotch, the music just brings out the buttery notes and flavours of citrus, nuts and spices.

"Whisky Blues" – Downtempo Blues and Rock music to get you in the Whisky mood.

"Jazz Playlist" – Looking for something to jazz up your evening? Sip a few drams with the likes of Billie Holiday, Herbie Hancock, Benny Goodman.


Now that your mood is on, it’s time to enrich your whisky knowledge with the help of a few mobile apps. It’s the power to share reviews, distilleries and have an encyclopedic whisky reference literally at your fingertips. It’s taking whisky appreciation to a whole new level!


Find out all about distilleries, especially useful if you're interested in travelling around Scotland and finding reviews on local distillery tours. You can also build your own whisky wish-list and collection on this app. It’s available free for downloads on iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store, so go ahead and try it!


This is one of the best whisky apps that specialises in Scottish malts and distilleries so you can browse a large database, and even share reviews with other users. Currently available on iOS App Store only.


Features “Flavordex” which allows you to record your whisky experience and map it on a flavour radar covering 15 different unique notes. Your likes and dislikes are put up on a whisky social network so your friends can share in your experiences, whisky reviews and vice versa. Cool, right?

Whether we use technology to share our love for whisky or to create the perfect whisky-drinking ambience, there will always be new ways to enhance the age-old experience that we know and love.

The Glenlivet 12

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