Best Whisky Cocktails Perfect Under the Summer Heat Best Whisky Cocktails Perfect Under the Summer Heat



If you’re reading this during an extra sunny time of the year, you’re probably wondering how to escape the sweltering heat that we all love to hate. We tolerate the sun, but the sweat-inducing humidity? Not as much.

When your shirt is sticking to your back as you’re hanging out with your gang outdoors, a classic whisky cocktail can be as refreshing as any other mixed drinks, though the key is keeping your whisky ice-cold with plenty of crushed ice on hand.

While some may have second thoughts about using a single malt whisky in the recipe, there’s no harm in exploring the complex tasting notes and pushing the boundaries of what a traditionalist would consider taboo. The approach should be to amplify and complement the deep complexities, rather than drowning it out in a mix, which defeats the whole purpose of a single malt cocktail, really.


What could be more refreshing than Thai Chai iced tea on a beach, like in Langkawi or Redang during the hotter months? How about a tall glass of Chai iced tea whisky cocktail? Something fresh and fruity would do the trick, and be the perfect choice to bring the temperatures down a notch. This refreshing whisky cocktail is best served at a casual gathering and your guests will be asking for more.

Serving tip: if you have a large party of guests, prepare a few glass pitchers full and stand by plenty of ice cubes to keep it chilled. Keep the party rocking on!

2 lemon wedges
4 mint leaves
1 oz unsweetened iced tea
1 oz The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve
1 tsp pandan leaf syrup
1 mint sprig

Put lemon wedges and mint leaves into a shaker, press them together and add the rest of ingredients and fill with crushed ice. Shake and strain into a Collins glass filled with fresh ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint. Malaysians can already imagine the cooling sensation the drink will bring about.

Highball with Sour Plum

A refreshing whisky cocktail recipe that will quench your thirst and a great accompaniment to spicy food available at every corner, it’s no wonder the sour plum cocktail is popular here and in Singapore. Here’s a twist to the classic Highball, best enjoyed as an aperitif to Japanese cuisine. Traditionally, Japanese whisky would be used, but you may want to break away from convention, and try it with a single malt scotch.

1.5 oz The Glenlivet 12 Year Old (or a Japanese whisky)
0.25 oz Sour Plum cordial (see below for directions)
5 dashes of umeboshi vinegar
Sparkling water to top
Shiso leaves

Combine and stir all ingredients (except the sparkling water) in a highball glass over an ice spear. Mix well before topping up with sparkling water and garnish with shiso leaves.

Sour Plum cordial
6 preserved sour plums
1 calamansi lime
2 cups of water
1 cup of sugar

Add sour plums to hot water and stir in sugar to dissolve. Let it sit for a few minutes for sour plums to soften. Cut the lime in half, remove seeds and squeeze juice into the mix. Yums!

Sour Plum Whisky Cocktail

Sour Plum Highball Whisky Cocktail

Bubbly Whisky Cocktail

If you’re celebrating with friends, here’s a recipe to make champagne whisky cocktails that are sure to bring smiles all around. You can go with either a blended or single malt with floral or fruity tasting notes. Add a dash of blood orange sour mix to add a pleasantly acidic zing to the bubbly.

1 oz The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve (or similar)
0.5 oz lemon juice
0.25 oz honey syrup
1 oz champagne or sparkling wine
Lemon peel garnish
0.5 oz blood orange sour mix (optional)

Shake whisky, lemon juice and honey syrup with ice until cold and blended. Strain into a champagne flute. Top up with bubbly champagne and serve. Garnish with lemon peel.

There are so many ways to enjoy whisky, even more so when the temperature soars. So, cast away those age-old whisky stereotypes and don’t be afraid to try one of these refreshing whisky cocktails at the beach, poolside or your own garden. Once you’ve tried, you’ll want more!

For our guide on which whisky glass should be used for your cocktail, read WFH - ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO CREATING YOUR OWN "WHISKY FROM HOME" BAR.

The Glenlivet 12

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