5 must have whiskey bar accessories for home 5 must have whiskey bar accessories for home



We’ve all heard of WFH - working from home - but have you heard of Whisky From Home?

Living, working and chillaxing from home doesn’t have to be a drag. Reward yourself with a whisky at the comfort of your home bar after a hard day’s work. Not just any whisky, but a classic single malt to smoothen out the rest of your night, with its long and smooth finish.

Whether you’re enjoying whisky solo or with friends, here are 5 whisky accessories to build a killer whisky bar at home.

1. Whisky glasses and coasters

Enjoy your favourite dram the way it should be. Don’t have a Glencairn whisky glass? No problem. The 3 main ones you will need are a stemmed glass, highball glass or rocks glass. Choose the best one for the occasion that matches the personality of the bold whisky that will be poured into it. And rest it on a monogrammed coaster of your choice.

2. Whisky stones

If you’re enjoying a single malt and like it neat and chilled, replace the usual ice cubes with stones made from odourless, non-porous soapstone, which will keep your drink chilled for longer. Whisky stones made of stainless steel are good alternatives as well. Want your whisky on the rocks? Then get an ice-mould that creates a single large ice cube or globe. It will fit perfectly in a rocks whisky glass and melts at a glacial rate, so you don’t get your scotch overly watered down - now that’s a must-have whisky accessory.

Make 2 glasses of Glenlivet whiskey stones kalamansi lime at home

The Glenlivet with whisky stones with kalamansi lime

3. Whisky decanter

Let’s face it, a decanter personalised with your name on it just looks dope on your home bar or whisky cabinet. You’ll love the feel of pouring from it. Just don’t wait too long to finish the whisky inside ya, as molecules will still escape, leading to oxidation. Another excuse to invite your friends over for drinks!

4. Whisky cabinet

UV rays and whisky don’t mix. Find a place away from sunlight to store your favourite collection of whiskies, as heat or temperature fluctuations can affect the precious contents of your bottle. Here’s a little tip — plan ahead and estimate how large you want your whisky stash to be, as you don’t want to run out of space in a matter of months. If you’re just starting a home bar collection, how about The Glenlivet 12? It is an excellent choice — smooth, balanced and softly fruity.

5. Cocktail recipe book

Whisky cocktails are all the rage right now, and having a book of whisky cocktail recipes will save you hours of poring through websites, trying to figure out how to make a Whisky Sour. Consider the Founder’s Reserve from The Glenlivet, which is a great choice for making cocktails because of its clean and fruity nose and finish.

For whisky cocktail ideas that will surely quench your thirst, check out Dive Into Refreshing Whisky Cocktails to Beat the Heat.

The Glenlivet 12

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