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The Glenlivet X Pernod Ricard’s ‘Meals for Mates’ Initiative

Our hospitality industry in Australia is one of the most lively and exciting in the world, and unlike many other industries, it is driven by passion with people at its core. COVID-19 had a devastating effect when it forced the closure of bars and restaurants around the country, and even as we move out of lockdown and slowly come back to the new ‘normal’, the hospo community is still feeling the effects. In these crazy and uncertain times, we were proud to be able to support the industry and people that have always been there in support of us.

To help those most affected by the sudden changes caused by COVID-19, Pernod Ricard launched Meals for Mates – an initiative pledging $140,000 worth of free meals via Deliveroo. In just two weeks, Meals for Mates provided a total of 5,600 meals for out-of-work hospitality workers across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. With every $25 code redeemed for Deliveroo, support was also given to our venues who remain open for home delivery. The teams behind Jacob’s Creek, Absolut, Jameson and The Glenlivet have been overwhelmed reading the stories shared by hospo workers and are incredibly grateful to have been able to provide a small bit of happiness for those most impacted by COVID-19.

Before launching Meals for Mates, we caught up with our friends within the hospitality community to hear their stories. Jay Cozma of Shady Pines spoke of how “financially crippling COVID-19 has been for so many people who weren’t expecting it, and won’t be able to mange their time through it”. Sabrina Sebastiani of Saga Lyte added to that by noting that for many, the reality is “making the choice between paying rent or affording food”. Amongst the distress and uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought to the hospitality industry, Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham from Mary’s highlighted the strength in hope within the community.

“The impact of coronavirus on the hospitality industry is appalling.” For the Mary’s team, “it’s been about opening doors, not closing them…but the response from our community, as always, has been glorious.”

Meals for Mates not only provided an insight into the impact that COVID-19 has had on our industry, but it also opened our eyes to the solidarity of the hospitality community in these unsettling times. We’re thrilled to be back in our local, dram in hand, continuing to support the industry.

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